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Real Estate Professionals Referral Program

As a real estate professional, title company, or real estate attorney, you probably have plenty of connections to people wanting to get out from under a promissory note. Did you know you have a chance to make money and also help these individuals? At Mid-Atlantic Funding Group, we’ve created a real estate referral program that makes this opportunity possible.

When participating in our program, you’ll refer people with owner financed mortgage notes who need a buyer. This could be for either residential or commercial real estate. When you send us a referral, we’ll buy their note and give you a real estate referral commission of 20%. Depending on the note, that could be anywhere between $200 and $1,000.Real Estate Professionals Referral Program

Type of Notes We Buy

It’s common for owners of promissory notes to want out from underneath them. They may need fast cash to buy a new home or finance a dream vacation. Some people have unexpected emergencies and need money right away. Mid-Atlantic Funding Group provides a quick solution to people in these situations. However, we don’t only buy notes on homes. We’ll also purchase notes for:

Our referral program makes the process easy for everyone. Once you provide us with the referral, we’ll take over from there and complete the purchase of the note. We’ll then pay you the referral commission. Our team has the experience, knowledge, and resources to ensure the process goes smoothly.

Join Our Real Estate Referral Program Today

Regardless of the type of real estate professional you are, Mid-Atlantic Funding Group is offering an opportunity to use your connections to make extra cash. By joining our real estate professionals referral program, you can help individuals and business owners sell their promissory notes and earn a handsome commission in the process.  Contact us today to learn more.